What are bass and treble?

Bass and treble

Bass and treble are the functions that change the lower and higher frequency of audio. This tool has the functionality to increase the frequencies related to the audio. Or, decrease them without affecting each other. It is similar to the stereo system, which has different controls such as bass, volume, and treble. Gain is the value of attenuation, or amplification, below 0 decibels. Conversely, it is also the value of attenuation above 0 decibels.

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Bass is the setting up of the gain to bass frequency. The value of this term can be positive or negative. The positive value denotes that you want to increase the bass. While, the negative denotes that you want to decrease the bass. You can apply bass gain on audio with a frequency above 100 hertz and below 1000 hertz.

Treble is the measurement of Gain with respect to high frequencies. The positive value of treble denotes a rise in the treble, while negative denotes a reduction in the treble. The treble gain is applicable for audio frequencies with 1000 Hertz frequency or more.

bass and treble

Effect of volume on Bass and Treble

Volume quantity may lead to an increment or decrement of the overall level of the audio coming, bass treble, and volume. When you increase the gain of bass or treble, the overall level will increase. The value will be so high that it will distort.

You will have to prevent that by decreasing the volume level. Similarly, if the value of bass or treble decreases, the overall value may decrease. This will lead to an inaudible sound. To solve this problem, you have to increase the volume to compensate for the bass and treble. Click here to learn more.

All about the Frequency

There are some unknown terms that you need to understand to get the audio settings right.

The point at which the gain is half the value of the filter gain: this value of frequency is known as half gain frequency. The Bass quantity has a half gain frequency of 250 hertz, and is a low shelf filter.

The high gain frequency is generally static for the low shelf filters. This value of frequency does not depend on the value of gain. Whereas, Treble has a half gain frequency of 4000 Hertz, and is a high shelf filter.

The following buttons are present on the dialog box of bass and treble:

  • The manage button at the bottom left shows a dropdown list. This allows you to set the previous settings of the bass and treble tool, as well as some of its details.
  • The start playback option shows you the preview of the effect you have applied to the payback.
  • Skip backward option moves the effect preview backwards.
  • Skip forward has the function to skip the preview of the effect forward.
  • A checkbox is present to enable or disable the setting of the preview without the effect or with the effect applied on the playback.
  • The apply button applies the effect and saves the settings for the audio track.
  • Press close to close the bass and treble dialog box.


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