How to select and create labels in Audacity?

select and create labels

Select and create labels: Audacity is the perfect platform to record and edit your tracks, recordings, and audios. It is easy to use, and completely user friendly. It provides a large variety of features and enhancements for its users. People love and enjoy using Audacity.

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Along with so many other features, Audacity provides a feature of creating and selecting labels. Labels are useful in marking a place in your audio. It may be the place where you make some change, or the place where you are editing your audio. It can be anything.

Labels turn out to be very useful to the users. They make it easier to recognize a particular place in the audio. So, in Audacity, you can easily create and select labels. If you have to select or create a label, then you might find this helpful. Also, you can visit Audacity’s manual page for complete information in detail anytime.

How to create a label?

Creating a label in Audacity will help you mark annotations in your audio wherever you wish. To create a label in Audacity, you need to follow the given steps:

  • First, select the audio section with the help of your mouse.
  • Click on the Edits option.
  • Now, click on labels.
  • Click on Add label selection.

(You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B, to perform the same task.)

  • Then, the cursor will take its position inside the label, you need to type the name of the label
  • Press Enter

A vertical yellow line will appear at the need of the first label. This will make it easy to identify the label. After question, you need to create the answer label. For this, follow the given steps:

  • Click on edit
  • Click on labels
  • Then click on Add selection to label
  • Type the label name
  • Press Enter

Creating Labels

Alternate methods of using point labels 

Instead of using region labels, you can also use point labels if you wish. To use this, you can simply click on any point and then follow the same steps as earlier. Basically, click on edit, then labels, and then add a label to selection. Similarly, you can do it for the other parts as well.

Add labels while playing or recording audio

When you record or play audio, you can still add some labels. To create a point label, you can follow the given steps:

  • Click on edit
  • Click on labels
  • Select the option ‘Add labels at playback position’

To add region labels, you can select that particular region, and follow the same steps.

How to select a label?

After creating the label, the next task is to select that label. Selecting a label is very easy in Audacity. To select a label, you can simply click inside the label. This will help you open the label, so that you can edit its text. And, Audacity restores the cursor position, or the region of selection.

Selecting a label

Just follow these simple steps, to select a label. Click here to learn more.


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