Work with Audacity’s contrast to create an audio file


Contrast: If you want to create a fabulous audio file, you must use the contrast options by Audacity. It is going to help you create great audio files. Once you start using Audacity, you are going to have a great experience in exploring. And, you will have a great audio creating experience. You can use […]

Connecting a Mixer to an Audio Interface

Connecting a Mixer

Connecting a Mixer: There are many people out there who just love the superior quality of home audio. If you are into mixing up the music, then you must surely go for a mixer and an audio interface. These instruments will help you take your talent in music to a whole new level. What is […]

Easy audio creating with Audacity’s connecting equipment

Connecting audio equipment

Connecting audio equipment: If you want to create a fabulous audio file you must use the fabulous connections by Audacity. It is going to help you to create great audio files. Once you start using Audacity, you are going to have a great experience in exploring its numerous features. And, you will have a great […]

Connecting an instrument

Connecting an Instrument

Connecting an instrument, when you record audios and tracks and edit them, you need to listen to them very carefully. There are chances that when you listen to the audio, the sound may have distortions, due to noise and other disturbances. So, Audacity advises connecting headphones to get a clear sound of your audio without […]

Connecting a Microphone in Audacity

Connecting a Microphone

By connecting a Microphone, you can record audios and tracks in the easiest way possible. Recording, Editing, Enhancing, and Customizing audio is very easy with Audacity. You can do all these things in just a few simple steps. Audacity provides a wide range of features and tools to enhance your audios and recordings. In addition, […]

Detect beats in Beat Finder with threshold value

Beat Finder

What is Beat Finder? The functionality in Audacity, known as the Beat Finder, distinguishes beats that are different than other audio. The task of the Beat finder is to label the louder beats compared to the normal audio surrounding those beats. This function is a rough tool. So, it might not work properly with some […]

What are bass and treble?

Bass and treble

Bass and treble are the functions that change the lower and higher frequency of audio. This tool has the functionality to increase the frequencies related to the audio. Or, decrease them without affecting each other. It is similar to the stereo system, which has different controls such as bass, volume, and treble. Gain is the […]

Auto Duck: Preparation and Parameters

Auto Duck

What is Auto Duck? Auto duck reduces the volume of a selected track, when volume reaches a threshold value. The number of the selected tracks can be one or more. This function can create voice-overs for DJ. It can be used for podcasts and to ramp up background music, generally used for radio communication. It […]

How do I Install Lame MP3

Lame MP3

What is Lame? To encode MP3 files, you require a library called Lame. And, MP3 files can be encoded using the Lame library. You can get this Lame library for free in most countries. However, some countries may need a licensing fee to encode an MP3 file using Lame. Audacity software is open-source software that […]

Audio Tracks- Audacity

Audio Tracks- Audacity

Audio Tracks: If you are a music lover person, then Audacity is definitely the right software for you. Audacity is an open-source software that helps to record and edit audio. However, it can also do much more, like recording, merging, and splitting audio tracks. In addition, it can also be used to make ringtones. A […]