All Media Player Product Guide

How to Play an Audio or Video File

You can play a media file in two ways:

  1. From Windows Explorer:
    • Locate the media file you would like to play
    • Double the media file to start playing
  2. From All Media Player:
    • From the main menu, click Media
    • Select Open File…
    • Locate the media file you wish to play and click Open

How to Play YouTube Videos

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you would like to play. For instance:
  • Back in All Media Player, click Media  from the main menu and select Open Network Stream…
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the text box labelled Please enter a network URL:
  • Click the Play button 

How to Convert Audio or Video Files

  • From the main menu, click Media
  • Select Convert/ Save…, or you can just press Ctrl+R
  • Click the + Add… button to the right of the File Selection list to add the media file you would like to convert
  • When done with adding files, click the Convert/Save button
  • in the Convert dialog box and in Settings, click the Profile drop-down box and select the format to convert to
  • Click the Browse button to specify the file name and location for the destination file. 
  • Click Start to begin the format conversion process

How to Conduct a Webcam Recording

  • Select Media > Open Capture Device…
  • Select Direct Show from the Capture Mode Drop Down
  • Choose the video and audio device from the drop-down menus or follow the options built-in
  • Go down to Play and choose the drop-down arrow and choose Convert
  • Select your video code
  • Click Browse to choose the file
  • Name your file and click Save
  • Click Start to begin the recording and Stop for stopping the recording.

How to Capture Screenshot of a Video

ALL Media Player allows you to take screenshot of your favorite parts of a video file. Make sure that the video for which you want to take the snapshot is playing. You can pause when you reach that part of the video of which you need the Screenshot.

  • From the main menu click Video > Take Snapshot
  • or, the keyboard shortcut in Windows is SHIFT + S

All screen shots files are automatically saved to default locations based on the operating system, usually under C:\Users\[username]\Pictures\

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