Tracks Menu in Audacity

Tracks menu

Tracks menu: Audacity is a digital audio editing software that you can use to edit recordings. It is an open-source, cross-platform, software available for free on Windows.

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Tracks menu

Tracks menu has various components, like:

  • Removing and creating new tracks
  • For mixing, resampling, muting or unmuting tracks.
  • Adding or editing labels

(Mute All Tracks Shortcut: CTRL+U, Unmute All Tracks Shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+U)

If you mute a track, then it can neither be heard within the project nor exported from it.

Tracks Menu

Steps to mute a track

If you would like to mute the entire track, then:

  • Just visit the tracks menu present at the top
  • Select mute all track

Steps to unmute a track

If you would like to unmute the entire track, then:

  • Just visit the tracks menu present at the top.
  • Select Unmute all track

Add new track

Mono Track– The shortcut key is CTRL+SHIFT+N. It creates a replacement and an empty audio track within the file.

Stereo Track – It creates a new stereo track, with an empty audio file.

Label TrackIt simply creates an empty label track, with an empty audio file.

Time TrackThe function produces a Time Track, which will increase or decrease playback pitch and speed of all audios in the project.

To convert the Stereo track to Mono

To convert a stereo track into a mono track, a function is available in Audacity. Just go to the tracks menu and select mix. In the mix, we can find mixed stereo down to mono. During conversion, it averages volume sounds of both tracks.

  • ResampleThe function resamples the audio track with the same length, playback speed, and pitch.
  • Remove tracksTo remove a track from the audio file, first select the track which you want to remove. And then, use the remove function available in the tracks menu.
  • Align tracksSuppose you have two tracks and you need to align them together, one can do this by using the align command.
  • Align end to endThis function simply aligns the two tracks that are on screen. The first track remains at the same starting position and the second track aligns with the first at its very end.
  • Align togetherIf there are multiple tracks that are selected, and if they need to be played together, then you can use align together function. It starts to play both tracks at, once averaging the sound. You can use timeshift tools to adjust the starting time of tracks.
  • Sync lock tracksThis feature ensures that the edited tracks remain in synchronization with each other such as the length changes in an audio file remain in synchronization with the whole track. On default, this function is checked off but you can turn it on if you wish.

Add a label at the selection

The shortcut key to do this is CTRL+B

You can also add some notes so that afterward when you visit the audio file you can find the track which is important to you.

You can do this easily by clicking at the area and title your label using the keyboard.


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