The chirp feature in Audacity

chirp feature in Audacity

Chirp feature in Audacity: Audacity is a platform that provides you the best way of recording your sounds and tracks, to convert into beautiful audio. It helps you enhance your audio, and removes all the distortions. We has been introducing new features, to help our users and improve their work-quality.

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One of the very interesting features of Audacity is Chirp. It is used to produce four different types of tones. Firstly, click on Chirp to access this feature. It uses four different types of tones. And, interestingly, the short tones almost resemble bird sounds.


Different types of Waveforms

Chirp has four different types of waveforms. The four types include Sine, Square, Sawtooth, and Square (no alias). These tones essentially describe the appearance of the waveform.

  • Sine makes the waveform look like a curve that has smooth oscillations, that are repetitive. And, the sound emerged from this type of waveform is very pure.
  • The next type is Square. It has some fixed minimum and maximum values of the duration with a line in between, to differentiate them. As well, it contains overtones. So, the sound is not very pure.
  • Sawtooth is the next type. And, it resembles an upward slope, followed by a cliff. The sound in this is very nasal and bright, due to the presence of various overtones.
  • Square (no alias) is quite similar to a square shape. Also, this does not produce any kind of aliasing distortions.

Frequency, Amplitude, and Interpolation

One can change the frequencies from 1 Hz to half of the current project. As, it is available in the loudness of your audio or recording. Interpolation can be linear or logarithmic. Notably, linear Interpolation is set as default in Audacity.


Duration is basically the time of the audio or recording. You can use this feature to type the value of the duration. Also, you can use the keyboard shortcuts for the same.

If the first digit of your choice gets highlighted, you need to type the whole number. And if it does not, then you can use the left and right arrow keys for removing the first digit. And, type the value of your choice. You can use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the highlighted value.

When generating at the cursor, it initializes the duration to 30 seconds. And when replacing the selected region, the duration will depend on the exact duration of the selected sample or audio.

Command buttons

There are various commands that one can use for different purposes. The Manage option generates a dropdown menu that helps you manage presets and access details about the tool. Also, the Preview option helps you to play a short preview of how the audio will sound, after making specific changes.

The next one is the Ok command; it applies effects to the selected recording or audio. If you want to abort all the changes and get the unchanged video, you can click on the cancel option. The question mark command gets the help manual.


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