Customization in Audacity

Customization in Audacity

Customization in Audacity: Audacity is open-source software that lets you record and edit your audio tracks for free. It is a very useful software. Because, you can do so much more than just recording and editing the tracks.

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For example, you can split two tracks, or merge two or more together. You can dig really deep into each note of the audio. And, can make deletions or additions.

All these options for the edits are available in the taskbar and toolbar. You can click on any menu button in the menu bar. And, one can select the further editing options. You can use multiple keyboard shortcuts. Luckily, these are made available by Audacity.

audacity customization

Customization’s allowed

You can customize almost all of the options Audacity has to offer, in a number of ways. Starting from how it looks and how to access them, you can customize all of them. Here is a list of things that you change with customizations.


You can change the default behavior of Audacity using preferences. And, you can customize preferences according to your needs and ease.

Keyboard shortcuts

Almost all the editing, and some in-built keyboard shortcuts, are present in Audacity. These are basically the shortcuts to the options that are available in the menus and toolbars. These shortcuts are generally the combinations of keys that perform the desired function on pressed. Also, you can change, or add, new keyboard shortcuts. This can be done via the keyboard preferences tab.


There is no doubt that Audacity provides you with a plethora editing options. You can edit your audio tracks in a great number of ways. And, impart it the aspired perfection.

But even then if you require the addition of some functionality, be happy to know that you can do it. That is, you can add any number of functionalities by downloading the plug-ins.


Nyquist is a LISP dialect, which helps to process the audio. It helps to analyze the audio content. And, to make the required sound effects. A number of Nyquist format plug-ins are already available in Audacity. Though, you can add much more, by downloading other Nyquist format plug-ins.

What is unique for this format of the plug-in is that it is in the form of text files. You can easily modify any of the plug-ins by yourself. Also, you can easily create a plug-in of Nyquist format yourself in any of the text editors.

You can add many plug-ins available, apart from the Nyquist, which are LADSPA, VST, or LV2 effects plug-in. Or, you can add Vamp plug-in for deep analysis. Further, there are many others also.

Audacity Themes

You have the power to decide how Audacity environment should look like. Meaning, you can easily change the color and theme of Audacity. This will build a customized working environment within Audacity. And, we hope that this will increase productivity! After all, now you will like the color and contrasts.

Advanced customization’s

You will be glad to know that Audacity has made its source code easily available. You can make the aspired changes to it. And, can give it a new look and functionalities. If you want to incorporate any changes to the original version of Audacity, then you need to join Audacity’s Developer Community.


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