Custom FFmpeg export options-Audacity

FFmpeg export options

FFmpeg export options: If you want to export any codec in some particular format, then you will need to install an option library, called the FFmpeg library. After installing this library, click on the ‘Export Audio’ or ‘Export Multiple’ options in the dialog box.

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Clicking this will open Custom FFmpeg format options dialog box. This dialog box will ask for multiple inputs. Let us see these options one by one and understand their uses.

Custom FFmpeg Export Options


You can save the presets or can use the saved ones. You can export or import them also. This allows you to share the presets set by other users. Under the preset input box, you will see list boxes of format and codec. Select from them.

You will then see multiple option buttons to the left of the preset input box. These are:

Load Preset

You can load already saved or present by default presets in Audacity to support the export of audio files.

Save Presets

This option will let you save a preset in the Audacity’s internal memory. You just need to type the name for the preset and then save. The name should be unique otherwise; Audacity will show up a pop-up menu, which will ask you for another name.

Delete Preset

This will delete and remove the selected preset from the Audacity’s internal storage.

Import preset

You can import presets, which are already available in the XML file. It will add the preset in the Audacity’s preset list. If any added preset comes out to be of the same name as the one already present, a pop-up message will appear.

It will confirm if it should be overwritten or you will change the name. Choose as required and resolve the issue.

Export preset

You can export all the saved presets to an XML file. Firstly, make sure that the preset you want to export should be first saved.

Select the format of preset and codec

The two boxes below the preset box show the format and the codec selected for the preset. It will let you set both and will show them for some selected preset.

List for formats and codecs

This box will show all the formats possible and adjacent to it and also all the codecs possible for the selected format. Note that not all codecs are available for a particular format. Similarly, if you choose the codec first, it may reduce the number of formats corresponding to the selected codec.

If you are unable to find the desired codec or format from the list fox, you can find them by using the ‘Show All formats’ and ‘Show all Codecs’ options.

General options

This area shows you all the general options, which are compatible with all possible combinations of formats and codecs. Some of the options may be unavailable for some combination.

If you choose FLAC as the codec, then the options under FLAC will only be accessible, graying out all others. The same is the case with MPEG. Click here for more details.


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