Burning music files to a CD

Burn CD

Burn CD: Audacity is an open-source software for recording and editing great audio. This can be used for various tasks, like recording tapes, mixing them, splitting tracks and making ringtones, etc.

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Burn Audio CDs

There are two types of CDs that are formed by the burning of CDs. These are ‘Audio CD’ and ‘Data CD’. When you burn a CD, you will get an option to burn it in either way.

If you choose to burn it to a Data CD, then you can face problems. This will easily run on your local computer, but will not run on the CD players and other normal audio players. On the other hand, an Audio CD will run on any audio player.

Setup at Audacity

Audio CDs works at 44100 Hz sample rate and 16-bit sample format. To prepare Audacity to burn. And, export files at 44100 Hz, in a 16-bit WAV or AIFF file. At first, set the rate at 44100 Hz. For CD burning software to work, Audacity needs to have at least one stereo track. If it doesn’t, then create a new one. The project can have that one stereo track empty also. That doesn’t matter but it should have one to burn the CD and export it as a stereo file.

For the best quality, you should always export the CD as a WAV format file. This will easily play on any CD player, and will not create any complication in running. If you are exporting a large number of songs on a track, then you may use Cue Sheets to export them well. Or, you can split them as separate tracks too. This will export the songs with different labels and will make their access much easier.

Software’s to burn CDs

Windows comes with an in-built Windows Media Player and Macs with iTunes. One can use both of these audio software’s to burn CDs and access their data and audios.

How to burn CD using Windows Media Player?

There are simple steps you need to follow to burn the CD rightly and easily.

  • First of all, click on the Burn tab.
  • Then, you need to select the files which you need to burn in the CD and then drag them into the ‘Burn list’.
  • Make sure the format selected is Audio CD and not Data CD.
  • Then, click on the start button.
  • This will easily do the task for you.

How to burn CDs using iTunes?

In Mac, iTunes is the default software. Here, the steps to burn the CD are quite different.

  • Here, you need to first make a playlist, that will contain all the songs that you want to bur.
  • Then click on the Burn Playlist option.
  • Make sure the format selected is Audio CD and not Data CD to avoid any further complications.
  • Then, click ‘Burn’.

Gaps between tracks

If you are exporting multiple tracks at the same time, then the time gap will create silence. Mostly, CD burners will select a two-seconds time gap by default. You have an option to delete any time gaps between the various tracks. This is usually better because, in concerts, the time gap can create mismanagement problems. It’s better to eliminate them.

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