How to Change the Tempo?

Change Tempo

Changing Tempo is a feature that largely benefits its users. Also, it is easy to handle. Changing Tempo is basically changing the length or duration of the track, without making any change in the pitch.

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To change the tempo of the selected region in Audacity, you need to click on the effect and then choose tempo from there. Also, it must be noted that if you change the value in one box, then there will be a slight change in the values present in the other boxes as well.

The different value boxes under Change Tempo dialog box is Percent Change, Beats per minute, length, and using high quality stretching. All of these are present below.

Change Tempo

Percentage change

You can change the tempo as you wish. You just need to enter the value that you want in the percentage value box. Also, there is a slider available in the change tempo dialog box, under the percentage change value box. You can drag that slider to fill the value in the Value box.

Beats per minute

If you want to make any changes to the beats per minute in the track or audio, then you can enter the desired value in beats per minute value box. The value you enter will change the percentage and length values as well.

Length value box

To change the length, or the audio of your selected track/ region, you can easily enter the desired value in the ‘to’ value box. In the ‘from’ value box, you’ll find the value of the current length. However, this cannot be changed.

High-quality stretching

If you tick mark the high-quality stretching box, then change tempo will work and process very slowly. It will make small to moderate changes in the tempo. And therefore, it will result in a higher quality of work.

Change Tempo limitations 

There are some limitations to this feature that might be a barrier to your work.

If you make extreme changes, then it might result in some distortions in the track.  In addition, when you use the default fast algorithm, then Audacity will remove some part of the audio from the start and the end. In addition, it may result in some kind of echoing sound. Therefore, it is advisable to use High-quality options, to avoid these distortions.

Along with this, the last limitation is that you can use the High-quality option for small or moderate changes. For extreme changes, you can try using the Paulstretch effect.

Command Buttons

There are various command buttons that work differently. Let us check them out.

  • The Manage button will help you manage the presets and will help you look at some of the details about the audio.
  • The Preview option helps you in playing a short preview of your audio with changes.
  • The Ok button will help you in applying effects to the selected track.
  • You can use the Cancel command button to abort all the changes and effects. And, return to the original audio.
  • The last command button is the question mark; it can be used to get to the manual for your help.


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