What is the Change pitch and how to use it?

Change pitch

Change pitch: When you select a track, and you need to change the pitch of that track, but you do not want to change the speed of the track, you can use Change pitch. The track might have some current pitch in percentage. You can change that value of percentage up or down.

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These changes in pitch can be from one to another pitch. Conversely, it could be semitone or frequency changes. The Change Pitch senses the initial detectable pitch. Hence, the value of the Pitch is set.

What is the pitch?

The user needs to have information about the key of the original recording and the key required, then only you can change the values of Pitch to and from. When you start the selection track, it detects the pitch as the most meaningful one. This pitch is called the estimated start pitch.

The letter in this ‘estimated start pitch’ denotes the note. And, the number denotes the octave position of the note in the ‘estimated start pitch’. The detected pitch has a frequency mentioned in the parenthesis.

Change Pitch

Parameters of Change Pitch

The controls ‘from’ and ‘to’ allow you to select a musical note from the list of dropdown options. There is a text box to select the note’s octave number. When you know the value or number of semitones, the selection track needs to be changed. However, if you do not know the value of the key of the original recording; you can enter the semitones value in the section of semitones. The positive sign of semitones denotes that pitch is going up. While, the negative sign denotes the decrement of the pitch.

  • You input the first pitch that you detect in the selection in the ‘first’ input box.
  • That value remains static until any other controls vary.
  • If the user is aware of the frequency of the original recording and the frequency you want at the outcome, you can put these values in the input boxes ‘from’ and ‘to’.

To reduce the pitch of any audio, you have to decrease the speed of the audio. This effect is time stretching in order to change the speed, you need to lower the pitch.

The length of the selection changes when you apply the change pitch effect. You can enable a checkbox to prevent changing the length of the audio. It is not as accurate over 1/8 the value of the sample rate.

Buttons in Dialog Box

The Manage button on this dialog box gives details about its effect and settings. The Preview button is to view the effect before applying. Press the OK button to apply the effect and change the pitch of the selected track.

If you want to cancel and go back to the previously selected track without making any changes, press the Cancel button. If you have any queries about Audacity or its tools, you can check the help button, which contains a manual. Click here to learn more.


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