Delay feature in Audacity

Delay feature in Audacity

Delay feature in Audacity: We are here with one more interesting feature in Audacity: the delay feature. The delay function is very simple and easy to use. You can easily use the delay function for creating a multiple echo effect. In addition, you get a lot of options with the echo effect. You can change […]

Start working with Audacity’s DC offset

DC offset

DC offset: Audacity has emerged as one of the most popular softwares for audio creation. It is user-friendly, effective, and convenient. Audacity offers many features, which will help you create amazing audio files. If you wish to create great audio files, you can either import, export, or record a track. Or, one can use digital […]

How to use the customizing toolbar layout on Audacity

Customizing toolbar

Customizing toolbar: Audacity is one of the most used and well-known softwares for creating audio files. It is friendly, convenient and effective. Audacity has many features which aid in the creation of good audio files. You can easily use import, export, or digital sampling to create audio. There are various ways through which you can […]

Customization in Audacity

Customization in Audacity

Customization in Audacity: Audacity is open-source software that lets you record and edit your audio tracks for free. It is a very useful software. Because, you can do so much more than just recording and editing the tracks. For example, you can split two tracks, or merge two or more together. You can dig really […]

The chirp feature in Audacity

chirp feature in Audacity

Chirp feature in Audacity: Audacity is a platform that provides you the best way of recording your sounds and tracks, to convert into beautiful audio. It helps you enhance your audio, and removes all the distortions. We has been introducing new features, to help our users and improve their work-quality. One of the very interesting […]

Custom FFmpeg export options-Audacity

FFmpeg export options

FFmpeg export options: If you want to export any codec in some particular format, then you will need to install an option library, called the FFmpeg library. After installing this library, click on the ‘Export Audio’ or ‘Export Multiple’ options in the dialog box. Clicking this will open Custom FFmpeg format options dialog box. This […]

Change Speed and its parameters

Change Speed

What is Change speed? The selected track can have a change in its speed using change speed. By changing speed, you will also affect the tempo, frequency, and pitch of the track. And, when you reduce the speed of the selected track, the frequencies decrease. The frequencies increase when you increase the speed of the […]