Connecting a Microphone in Audacity

Connecting a Microphone

By connecting a Microphone, you can record audios and tracks in the easiest way possible. Recording, Editing, Enhancing, and Customizing audio is very easy with Audacity. You can do all these things in just a few simple steps.

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Audacity provides a wide range of features and tools to enhance your audios and recordings. In addition, it provides a free user manual with all the details about each and every feature.

In case you do not want to disturb others, or you want to get a clear voice, you can plug- in earphones into Audacity to listen to your recording or the audio track. Using microphones, you can listen to the audio. It makes the audio sound clear and sharp. And, there is no noise or disturbance.

connecting microphone

When you have an inbuilt microphone port in your device

If you already have a port to insert the microphone in your device, then the task is pretty easy for you. You just need to plug in the compatible microphone into your device’s port. A compatible microphone is the one that is attached to a permanent cable, or cord, that ends with a small plug. In addition, you should check your device’s manual, to know if your device supports the microphone or not.

If you have the device’s accessories, then they will surely work. However, if you are using some other headsets or microphones, then there might be some issues. There are three types of microphone plugs. These include mono mini-plug, stereo mini-plug, and XLR plug.

If you are a beginner, then you can use Mono and stereo mini- plugs. As, these are cheap and easy. If you want to spend more and get higher quality, then you can go for the XLR plug.

When you do not have an inbuilt microphone port in your device

If your device does not have a proper port to insert a microphone or headset, then do not plug the microphone into the line port. If you do this, then the volume will be very low. And, the sound will not be clear. Therefore, in this case, you can opt for any of the three options mentioned below.

Three options

  • Firstly, you can buy a USB adaptor to a microphone. This is the best possible option in this case. You can buy a device that correctly and easily fits into your device and is compatible with your device.
  • The second option is that you can buy a USB microphone. This method is adopted by a lot of people, and is very common. It is a combination of microphone and USB in one.
  • The last option is to buy a mixer. This may be very expensive, but it provides more quality and flexibility. This can boost up the sound, and the output sound will be clear, sharp, and loud.

Also, there’s one more advantage that a mixer has. It is that you can connect a microphone and your audio devices to the mixer, and then connect it to your computer or main device. Click here to learn more.


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