Connecting a Mixer to an Audio Interface

Connecting a Mixer

Connecting a Mixer: There are many people out there who just love the superior quality of home audio. If you are into mixing up the music, then you must surely go for a mixer and an audio interface. These instruments will help you take your talent in music to a whole new level.

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What is a Sound Mixer?

A sound mixer is an instrument that allows you to control the effects and volume of each audio input separately. These inputs include audio from a microphone, or any other sound equipment.

What is an Audio Interface?

An audio interface is an equipment that helps in translation of the sound from analog to digital signals, for the computer.

Connecting a Sound Mixer to an Audio Interface?

In order to connect a sound mixer to your audio interface, all you need to do is:

  • Plug an output from the mixer to the input of the interface. The cables used for this connection include an RCA Cable, a quarter-inch cable, or even an XLR cable would do.
  • Next, you have to check all the audio inputs and the outputs of both the equipment. And, have a quick look at your connections.
  • If your device has various types of ports, a suitable cable adaptor will do the job.

Connecting a Mixer

Mixer- Important part of the system

The mixer has always been the most important part of an audio recording studio. All the instruments are connected to the sound mixer. Each of the input has its own channel, and this mixer helps you to control these channels independently. The computer system then does all the mixing work.

Selection of the best cable for connection of a Mixer to an Audio Interface

There are many devices that have multiple input/ output ports in them. These ports allow you to make a choice of the type of cable you wish to use. Just make sure the cable you choose fits the ports perfectly. In case your device has multiple jacks, you need to brainstorm a little more.

After the cable selection, plug the inputs into the audio interface. And, cross verify all the connections.

Audio Mixer with Audio Interface

If you have just begun with home recording, and have not installed any professional gear yet, there is one more option. The all in one mixer could work for you. As, you can connect the mixer to your computer.

These boards make a combination of multi-channel audio mixing with a digital interface. You have to plug in the microphone or other instruments into the board. And then, plug the board into your computer.


Once you decide and come up with a decision to connect a sound mixer to your audio interface, just keep in mind why you are doing this. Connect all your inputs and outputs properly and check the mics before recording. You can start your recording after checking all the things. Remember, the main connection is between a speaker and the listener’s ears. Click here to learn more.


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