Understanding the Amplify and Normalize effects


The amplifying and normalize effects are quite similar to each other. But, they have some minor differences. Normalize effect has its own DC correction option. Whereas, amplify has an option for entering into the volume change by amplifying to more than 0.0 Db. Both effects have different behaviours, if they are used on multiple channels or music tracks.

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Application of changes in the level

The normalizing effect gives you an option to Normalize the maximum amplitude to a certain chosen level. It offers two options that are completely interdependent-

  • Amplification
  • New peak Amplitude

Also, the slider can be useful in choosing the amplification level without actually entering any text.

Difference between Amplify and Normalize in case of multiple tracks or channels

Understanding the Amplify and Normalize effects

  • Amplifying multiple audio tracks or channels : If you select this option, all the audio tracks will be automatically amplified by an equal amount.
  • Normalizing multiple audio tracks or channels: This effect can optionally operate evenly on various channels of a stereo. This occurs while it retains the left-right balance on the stereo channel pairs within a selected track.

Advantages of the amplify effect

Change in level : It changes the level of one or more tracks or channels by an equal amount, through eventually maintaining the balance between them.

Slider option: There is a slider for quick adjustments of amplification.

Amplification calculations:

It helps in the automatic calculation of the amplification required to set the track at the loudest. Or, the channel at the maximum level of volume with and without clipping.

Advantages of the Normalize effect

Corrects the DC offset

The normalize effect corrects the DC offsets in one go.

Adjustment of multiple audio tracks: The effect helps in adjusting multiple audio tracks or channels to the same peak level. This is done by removing any disparities in the level between them.

Normalize stereo channel option : There is also an option for normalizing stereo channels as a pair, rather than doing it separately. It also retains the balance between two channels.

Normalizing above a clipping level of 0 Db is not allow.

In what cases should one not use the amplify effect?

One should not use the amplify effect if the audio has DC offset present in it. Rather, you should use the normalize effect in order to correct the offset.

If you want to bring a track to a specific level, use the normalize effect rather than using amplify. This is because, the amplify option will not make the track louder if the new peak amplitude is 0 Db.

In what cases should one not use normalize effects?

If there are multiple tracks that contain major differences in the peak levels, one should never use the normalize effect there. The only possible option of preserving the balance between the tracks is to amplify them so that the tracks are measure at an equal amount.

You can normalize a stereo track without changing its channel balances, but only in the following cases:

  • The stereo track is not split into two paths- left and right
  • The normal stereo channels option is independently unchecked.


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