Know more about audio tracks and clips

audio tracks and clips

Audio tracks and clips : If you are a music lover, you must know about Audacity. With Audacity, you can explore various options that can help you create amazing audio.

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Audacity provides some amazing ways through which you can create high audio files. You simply need to know about the steps, and work accordingly. So, without wasting much time, have a look at these to ensure successful audio making right now!

Audacity allows you to work with many audio tracks. If you wish to divide a track into various parts, Audacity helps you to do that easily. A track contains many unbroken sections. And, our program allows you to re-work on these broken sections and create great audio files.

Explore more about Audacity’s features

Apart from the normal features such as import, export, recording, and others, you can avail the other features too. For example, you can use Audacity’s channels. If you wish to record an audio or playback, you can simply use a channel on Audacity. You can use this to record two channels of input.

If you want to record more, you need to have a special sound card or audio device.  However, you cannot afford to work with more than two outputs. If you wish to work with Audacity, you can work with only two output devices.

While you work with Audacity, you will also come across clips. A clip is a separate part of that track which has been divided in order to facilitate independent manipulation. You can re-work on this clip to create a track very conveniently.

Learn about how to work with the clips

Clips form an integral part of Audacity’s features. Have a look to know more.

  • If you want to merge clips then you will have to work with the split lines. The split represents the boundaries between the clips. These split lines are present in the waveform of the track.
  • If you want to navigate and select the clips, you can use a number of menu item shortcuts on the keyboard.
  • You can also use the Time-shift tool to work with the audio files on Audacity. If you wish to work more intricately with the audio files, you can use the time-shifting clips too.
  • You can also draw conclusions based on the colour of the waveform. You will find that the clip will take on the colour from where it had originated.
  • If you try to move the clip into a different coloured track, the clip shall be visible in its original colour.

These are the additional features with which you can work in order to create some beautiful audio files. However, one needs to be careful whilst working with these audio files. You will have to work with a lot of technicalities on Audacity. However, working with the same is not a difficult task. You must be well aware of these technicalities and start working with Audacity.

It is time you start exploring Audacity and experience a great audio creation experience. So, come and join now!

Customize Audacity as you need

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