A guide to advanced mixing of tracks in Audacity

Advanced Mixing Options

Advanced mixing Options: The advanced mixing option is a dialog that appears when you choose the custom mix option in Audacity, in order to import or export a file. This option is available in preferences. And, one can use this feature to export a multi-channel file or make certain changes or adjustments in between Audacity tracks and channels. These changes are highly customizable.

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Advanced Editing And Mixing

There are various advance steps for editing tracks that one can do through Audacity. Some of the most known edits are silencing, trimming the audio, and advanced cut pasting.

Advanced Mixing Options

Add Silence

There may be some cases in which you need to mute a particular track for a few seconds. For example, if we are working on a two-track project, with one track as the music and one track for the voice. We will need to mute the voice for a few seconds for the music track to take place properly by giving it a fading effect. This edit works best in the case of radio ads or podcasts.

Trimming the Audio tracks

Audio track trimming is very useful in case you want just one part of a particular track. This is different from the cut, paste or delete. As, it maintains a proper time and location of the track that you wish to keep.

Cut, Copy and Pasting

According to the above point, you can also cut, copy, and paste a track in Audacity.

  • You can do this by selecting the segment of audio as per your wish, then use the cut or edit option.
  • It depends on you which segment you want to keep in its actual place. You can also use the cut copy paste buttons from the toolbar.
  • Both the copy and cut options will load the track that is selected onto a clipboard. And, it will be there until the time you end the ongoing session or cut copy another segment.
  • You can place your mouse cursor on whichever location you want the track to go, by using the edit paste option or by just clicking on the Paste button.

Always remember that pasting is useful for many reasons. There may be a case where you would like a music segment as background music for your voice track or any other music track; you can simply paste the segment anywhere that it is suitable, no matter how many times you add it. You can just copy the segment and paste it to that track, as per your requirement of the tuning and length of the track.

Combining Mono Tracks and Splitting Stereo Tracks

Sometimes, it may happen that while recording, that you only record one part of a track properly. Or, maybe because of some other reason, you only wish to work with a single channel-left or right. In such a case, rather than re-recording the whole segment, you can just work on a single channel. Therefore, for this, you need to select the ‘Split stereo track’ option from the drop-down box with only one channel.

You can also delete the other channel signal, as it becomes a separate track now. Similarly, the option also works for combining two mono tracks and makes it a single track. Click here to learn more.

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