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To get extra commands for the focus of your audio track, read this article. Here, information regarding focus changes to the audio track are available. As, these commands are not available in the default menu of Audacity.

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In the extra menu present on the menu bar in Audacity, the focus sub-menu is available. This focus menu contains ten options for the audio track. All of these options are focus settings of the audio track in Audacity.


Focus menu contents

1. Move backwards from the toolbar to tracks:

You can change the focus from the toolbar. If you have currently selected a toolbar menu, you can go back to the track. The toolbar menu may be the Upper toolbar dock area, Lower toolbar dock area, and track view. The shortcut for this function is ctrl+shift+F6.

2. Move forward from the toolbar to tracks:

To change the keyboard focus, select this option. You can move from the toolbar to tracks in the forward direction. The toolbar-selected option may be Lower toolbar dock area, upper toolbar dock area, and track view. The shortcut for this function is ctrl+F6.

3. Move focus to previous track:

To change the focuses to the previous track, choose this option. The track you selected prior to the current track will be in focus. The shortcut key for this operation is the ‘up’ key.

4. Move focus to next track:

The list of your audio track may contain the next track. Rather than moving to the next track manually, this shortcut may help. Press the ‘down’ key to focus on the next track.

5. Move focus to first track:

Go to the first track of your list directly. This shortcut may save you time and effort. Just press on ctrl + home to perform this operation.

6. Move focus to last track:

ctrl+end lets you focus on the last track of your audio. This shortcut key changes the focus from the current track to the last track and saves time.

7. Move focus to previous and select:

Changing focus may not be sufficient. You may need to select it to perform some task. Press shift + up to perform this operation.

8. Move focus to next and select:

Perform this operation to move the focus to the next track and select it. The shortcut key to perform this function is shift+down.

9. Toggled focus track:

Choose this option to toggle focus on the current track. The shortcut key for this operation is the ‘return’ key.

10. Toggled focused track:

Another key to perform the same operation is ‘NUMPAD_ENTER’. As, this will also toggle the focus to the current track.


All these operations are performed to manipulate the focus of Audacity. You may need to perform multiple operations in Audacity. The keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this article are to change the focus. These shortcuts will save your time and effort, to move from one track to another. Click here to learn more.


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