Quick Start Guide

This app puts the latest collection of free Kindle eBooks from Amazon at your fingertips. The collection is automatically updated daily to bring you free eBooks available in many genres. Browse the collection, read the excerpts, and acquire your favorite books to your Kindle device or Kindle eBook reader app to enjoy.

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How to launch the app

To launch the Free eBooks for Kindle Reader app:

  • Press the Windows key or click the Windows/Start button 
  • Type Free eBooks for Kindle Reader and locate the app that comes up in the best match entries
  • Click the entry of the app to launch it

Key features of the app

The main features of the app includes:

  • Browse a collection of hundreds of free Kindle eBooks from the Amazon Kindle store
  • Each book entry comes with a book cover and excerpts, which helps you decide to acquire or not
  • You have unlimited access to all free books
  • The free book list is updated daily and automatically

All the main features are accessible from the main toolbar which is located at the left side of the app. Click the hamburger icon to expand or collapse the toolbar.

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How to browse free Kindle books

eBooks Reader Pro brings you a catalog of free Kindle books that you can download from the Amazon Kindle store. The best part of the feature is that this catalog is updated on a daily basis. 

The Free Kindle Books catalog is readily available from the main interface of the app. Each screen lists a batch of 20 books. To access the next batch, simply click the Next > button located on the top of the screen. Likewise, click the Previous < button to access the previous batch.

The entire collection can sometimes exceeds 400 or 500 books. So, take your time to find the books you like.

How to Search for Free Kindle Books

The app provides a search feature to help you find a book of your interest even faster. Search can be performed over the entire database (all the free books available) or based on a specific genre.

To search within a genre:

  • From the side menu bar, expand the Free Kindle Books menu
  • Browse through the genre list to find the specific genre of your interest, you may need to scroll down to explore all genres available.
  • Click to select the genre of your interest
  • Find the search edit box located in the top-right corner of the Book Catalog window
  • Type a keyword or a phrase and hit Enter

The search result will be displayed in the Book Catalog window.

To clear the search result, click the cancel icon X on the right edge of the search edit box, or click the Home  icon to the left of the search edit box. 

How to Acquire Free Kindle Books

From the book collection list, when you see a book of interest, click the cover of the book to review the excerpt of the book. 

If you decide that you like the book, click the Button: Get the Book from the Kindle Store. This opens the Kindle book listing page on the Kindle store, from where you can acquire the Kindle book. 

Please note:

  1. An Amazon account is required in order to acquire Kindle books, even if they are free. 
  2. The free Kindle books are based Amazon.com’s Kindle book offer. If you are located outside of the United States, please follow this guide to learn how to acquire free Kindle books from a different country.

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