The LADSPA effect menu in Audacity


LADSPA stands for Linux Audio Developer’s Plug-In API. These Plug-Ins were actually made only for Linux, but some Plug-in ports are available for Windows too. The Effect menu in Audacity has various in-built effects.

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There are five audio built-in effects in the Effects menu. These effects include the LADSPA effect, the Nyquist effect, the LV2 effect, the VST effect, and the Audio Unit effect. As the title itself suggests, in this write- up you will get details about the LADSPA effect. Most of the LADSPA Plug-Ins are just effects but one can also use them for analyzing audio.

There are various additional Plug-Ins available for Windows and Linux. In case you want to get them, then you can download it from the web. For further information, just check the LADSPA section of the web page on Audacity’s official website. Click here to learn more.


How to add a LADSPA Plug-In?

Audacity supports LV2 and LADSPA in Linux. You can just download it from the internet for any operating system.

Installing the LADSPA Plugin

  • LADSPA Plug-Ins are Installed by all users just by putting the Plug-Ins in the Audacity folder- Plug-Ins.
  • In case you want to enable new effects, and then go to the Plug-In manager in the Audacity menu.

Saving LADSPA effects as a preset

For saving a currently applied effect setting, all you need to do is-

  • Click on the manage button
  • Choose the option named “save preset”
  • Enter a preset name and click on OK
  • The preset which you saved will appear in the User Presets list.

LADSPA effect provides you with real-time previews. This effect allows the saving of presets but does not support the import and export of the same. Using this procedure, users can easily save their effects as a preset in Audacity.

LADSPA effect options

There are various options available under the LADSPA Effects. You need to follow the steps written here to access the options dialog:

LADSPA Options

  • Open the effects dialog box
  • Click on the manage option
  • Click on the options menu
  • Another dialog box will appear

You can use this dialog box to change the LADSPA effect options in your audio in Audacity. Also. Audacity provides you the freedom to choose options according to your preferences and choices. The changes you make will be only visible in the current effect options. All the other effects will remain the same as they were earlier. All these options are easily accessible and available for use.

Latency Compensation

This option is available on the screen when you open the Options dialog box using the steps written above. Audacity enables this setting by default. It helps you in compensating for the delay in the waveform which is a result of Effects. Therefore, the data is better and the sound is clearer.

If this option is not used in Audacity, then the buffered audio will automatically insert silence at the starting of the audio or file. You can enable or disable the latency compensation feature in Audacity, whenever you wish as per your choices and preferences.


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