High-Pass filter in Audacity

High Pass Filter

Audacity is a very useful tool for creating and editing videos. It provides numerous features and options to edit, analyze, enhance, customize, export, import, and save videos. It is one of the best alternatives to its paid counterparts. In many ways, it performs even better than them!

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The best part is that using Audacity is very easy. You can easily perform various edits on your videos using Audacity software.

High Pass Filter

There are numerous features in Audacity that are very useful for various purposes to a user. One of these features is the high pass filter. These filters play a significant role in enhancing and customizing your audios and track recordings in Audacity. Also, it can change the frequency of the sound in your audio.

If you do not know about this feature, or how to use it, then take a look at this article. Here is all the necessary information about High- pass filter:

What is a high pass filter?

This filter allows only few frequencies to pass. The frequencies above a particular cut off frequency are able to pass through this filter. But, the frequencies that are below the cut off frequency cannot pass. So, it helps in reducing the noise that is present in the audio due to the lower frequencies. To use this feature, you need to visit the effect menu and then choose high- pass filter.

Frequency (Hz)

The cut-off frequency is a particular kind of frequency set in Audacity that defines a point in the audio at which you can reduce your audio by 3Db. The other name for this is corner frequency. The high- pass filter will not directly eliminate the lower frequency sound. Instead, it will attenuate them.

Roll-off (dB per octave)

The use of the roll-off option is to set the depth of the attenuation that you are making in your audio. The higher the roll-off value, the steeper the slope. If you want to reach to a larger value of attenuation, then you can re-run the effect or you can increase the value of the roll-off.


When you visit this menu, you will find various options available. All these buttons, or options, have different uses. Here are the uses of all these buttons.

The manage button enables you to manage the tools and presets in your file or workspace. The next one is the preview option. We use it to get a short preview of the result of the audio. It helps you in getting an overview of what your audio will sound like. The OK button helps in applying a particular effect. Use the Cancel button to abort any effect. The last option of a question mark can help you in solving your queries.


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