The Audacity’s file menu

File Menu

Audacity application software provides a number of features and effects that can help you in recording, enhancing, editing, cropping, and customizing your audios. Out of all the menus present in Audacity, the file menu is the most useful. In case you are using Audacity for the first time, here are all the necessary details about the file menu.

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File Menu


The New option helps you in opening an entirely new and fresh file in Audacity. It creates an empty project to start work from the beginning again. This option is available in the File menu. Or, you can use the shortcut keys Ctrl+ N to use the function.


The open option helps you in opening a file that is present in Audacity. A file that you previously saved is available through this option. You can also use this option to import some files into the Audacity project. This does not open your files for enabling editing. But, it copies the file to the current project.

Recent files

This option allows you to access the twelve most recent files. The files can be the ones that you open, or that you save. The older items are present below in the list, and the newer ones are above them. As you keep on opening or saving files, the older files keep on removing.

Even if you delete a file in Audacity, it will be available in this list. To remove this file, you need to select it. You can also clear the whole list using the clear option present at the last. In addition, you can remove some files manually.


This option helps you in closing the current project of Audacity on which you are working. You can also use Ctrl+W as a keyboard shortcut for the same.

Save Project

If you wish to save your audio or recording in Audacity, you need to use this feature available in the File menu. In addition, this feature is accessible through a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S. You can also use this option to store your files as a safety backup.


This option enables the export of files from Audacity to your device. You can also export label files or projects into your device.


The import option, as the name suggests, is the opposite of the export option. It allows you to import any file from your device into Audacity. The files that you import can be present in various formats.

Page setup

It helps you open the “page setup” dialogue box, before you print anything.


This option in Audacity helps you in printing the file. You can use this to print all the waveforms that are present in Audacity, along with the timeline. Only the current page, on which you are working, is available for print using this option.


If you wish to exit the Audacity page, you can use this option in the File Menu. In addition, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q to do the same.


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