Flac export options

Flac export options

What is FLAC?

FLAC is an abbreviation for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is a digital lossless audio format that comes with a smaller size of format. These formats include uncompressed formats like WAV. Many software applications and hardware support FLAC and the support is on its growth path.

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How does FLAC Work?

Flac export options is a system that uses a proper combo of linear predictions, and run-length encode, for blocks of identical sampling.

Comparing FLAC with other formats

FLAC is a lossless option. Because, other compress formats like OGG AND MP3 do not come with that feature. It offers the same quality of audio as the uncompressed formats like WAV and AIFF. The difference is that a FLAC file comes in a smaller size, as compared to the other formats. FLAC reduces the size of the file to less than the original size. On the other hand, an MP3 file is larger than the FLAC file. Just the only thing is that the audio quality may become a bit lower due to this.

Other lossless compressed audio formats include Wavpack, OptimFRG, Shorten, and Monkeys Audio. There are lossless compress formats for Apple, as well as Windows.

FLAC Export Options


There are no major quality changing settings in Audacity for the encoder, as the format is lossless. There are level settings that you can use for compression of size. The level settings for size compression range from a scale of 0 to 8.

Level 0 encodes as fast as possible. Whereas, level 8 takes some time to encode, because it works efficiently and produces smaller sizes of files than level 0. Files that are encoded at level 8 are slightly smaller than those encoded on Level 0. But, these files can take a longer time to encode.

The FLAC format supports metadata tags that contain information about the title and artist(s). It also supports cover art, and FLAC is a free and open-source code, unlike MP3.

Import and Export of FLAC

The latest version of Audacity supports import and export of 16-bit FLAC and 24 bit FLAC. You can use the libflac option for the import-export of FLAC in windows, but not in Linux. As, Linux uses libsndfile to import FLAC.

How do I convert a file?

If you don’t want to have some FLAC audio files included in your music library, then convert them to MP3. Follow the below steps to convert the file.

Step 1: Go to an Online Audio Converter website of your choice.

Step 2: Select the file or files that you want to convert.

Step 3: Pick up the format of your choice [like MP3], check the quality level and adjust your settings as per your preferences.

Step 4: Convert the file and save it.

Is FLAC better than WAV?

WAV and other uncompressed audio formats are pretty good to work on. But, FLAC has a lossless feature which makes it stand out from others. There is no difference in sound when the music is played back. Just the file size remains smaller. So, you can save more files in your system or just save some space.


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