Extra menu: Tools and functions

Tools and functions

The extra menu present on the menu bar has a dropdown menu. This menu contains many options with their dropdown menus. This tool is the second in the dropdown menu of the Extra menu.

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The tools dropdown menu contains commands to select tools. These tools are all present in the toolbar. And, they are for manipulation of the audio track.

Tools and functions

Tools dropdown list

There are eight options in the tools list. All these commands are for making changes in the audio track. The options are as follows below.

Selection tool

You can select the beginning of your audio playback. To edit only a part of the audio, you have to select it. This tool will help you select the part of your audio. To select a region between two points, just click at one point, hold shift, and left click at the endpoint. The shortcut to open this tool is ‘F1’.

Envelope tool

You can change the volume of your track with this tool. First, select a control point by clicking on the track. Then, drag one of the four handles to change its volume. You can make multiple control points. It forms a smooth curve with multiple control points. ‘F2’ is the shortcut for this tool.

Draw tool

You can draw the waveform by yourself. The draw tool is applicable for this purpose. Change the volume of the track by drawing the waveform. ‘F3’ is the shortcut for this tool.

Zoom tool

You can left-click to zoom at the position that your mouse pointer is at. When you click and drag the zoom in the region, it constructs a dotted region. This dotted region is in the waveform. When you release the drag, it applies to the entire track. To zoom out, click ‘shift + left-click or right-click’. The middle button sets the zoom level to default. ‘F5’ is the shortcut for this tool.

Time shift tool

The shortcut to this tool is ‘F5’. With this tool, you can align multiple tracks. This tool performs the task to synchronize audio clips or tracks. Drag the clip to the left or right to sync with other clips. Just click on the track. And, drag to use the time shift tool.


A tool that performs the functions of all the tools. Yes, multi-tool is a tool that combines all other tools. Just select a modifier key. And according to the mouse position, a particular tool is chosen. The cursor shape changes to the shape of the tool that is active. When you exit audacity with this tool selected, this tool will be selected by default next time. ‘F6’ is the shortcut for this tool.

Previous tool

You can move from the current tool backward to the previous tool. If it starts from selection, it moves in the reverse direction of the above-mentioned tools. The order is a multi-tool, time shift, zoom, draw, envelope, and selection tool.

Next tool

To move forward through the tools, use this option. From the currently selected tool, it chooses the next tool.


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