Edit Audio on Audacity

Edit Audio on Audacity

Edit Audio on Audacity: When we make Audios, there are chances of making mistakes. Or maybe we want to add some beautiful effects. However, editing seems to be a boring task. Isn’t it? We get frustrated by our mistakes, and then the different ways of editing add fuel to it. We get irritated by the various steps of editing. Then I found Audacity. At Audacity, it is very easy to edit audios. The best part is that they provide full tutorials for editing tracks and audios.

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Editing audios and tracks

At Audacity, the main commands for editing are present under the Edit Menu and Effect Menu. We very well know that the general editing options are- cut, copy, paste, and delete. Therefore, these options are available in the edit toolbar.

Edit Audio on Audacity

So, if you wish to edit a track, it is very obvious that you need to using mouse. Thereafter, you can edit your audio by editing the waveforms basically. For trimming the audio, choose Edit>Remove Special>Trim audio.

Using editing, you can also fade out the last second by using Effect>Fade Out. Also, it is again very obvious that if you do not select any file, Audacity will select all the files by default. Also, edits cannot be applied when the audio is playing, recording or paused. Click here to learn more.

Adding effects in your audios

Even a beginner knows that it is very important to add effects to your audio. I believe that the effects are really helpful in making the audio better. Effects can make your audio clearer and productive. If you wish to boost up the bass, change pitch, change tempo or remove noise, you can go for applying effects.

If you want to apply effects to your audio, then here are some easy steps:

  • Start with selecting the audio
  • Go to the effect menu and choose the effect you want
  • Make the parameter settings and click OK.

You can also hear a sample of the audio with the effect using the Preview option. Some effects like Auto Duck and Vocal Reduction and Isolation have special requirements also.

There are some effects like- Crossfade tracks that do not have parameters, and they get applied to the audio once you click on it. Therefore, you need to take care of this while adding effects to your audio.


Crossfade tracks

Reverting the changes

Think that you did something wrong? Editing or effects went wrong? No issues, here we have the solution. At Audacity, it is very simple to revert the changes. You just need to use the Undo command. In addition, you can use the Ctrl+ Z shortcut key for the same. This will help you get back to the original audio and remove the changes.

Keeping a track of your edits and effects

If you wish to keep a track of the changes that you are making to your audio, you can mark the edit points. There is one more feature at Audacity, which allows you to mark edit points. This helps you to recall the edits and effects added to the audio or track.

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