Export your Audio or Music Files from Audacity with Easy Options

export audio

As you know, Audacity is one of the best open-source tools for the editing of music and develop new music. Once learned properly, it is the second home for music editors. Many editing options are available for you, including cropping, mixing, merging, and tune-setting, noise cancellation, frequency modification, waveform editing, and many more. In addition, […]

Burn Audio CD

Burn Audio CD

If you want your beloved playlist according to your wish, burning a music CD is one of the best options, rather than choosing and changing the song. It spoils the mood of listening to music. Instead of buying a CD from a store, it’s better to make one at home. Self-made Audio CDs are better. […]

USB Recording and CD Ripping via Audacity

USB Recording and CD Ripping: We all wish for music editing software that provides us a solution to all roadblocks that can come due to either media, platform, or device. However, Audacity is an application that includes support for editing and recording media from all devices. During the editing of music files or audio files, […]

How to record tracks on Audacity?

Recording a new track or something? Love recording tracks and audios? Then we might share a good company. Everybody loves listening and recording tracks. As much as I love music, I want it to be beautiful. I want the recordings to be clear and perfect. Music should be something that pleases to your ear makes […]

How to Save Tracks and Edit on Audacity?

Save Tracks and Edit on Audacity

Save Tracks and Edit on Audacity: There are songs and recordings that we always wish to modify according to our taste. Sometimes, merging two tracks, and blending a movie track with our music. So, how to do it effectively? We often wonder what are the best tools on the internet that can quickly help. Audacity […]

Play Audio on Audacity at your Convenience

Ever wanted to mix two tracks, merge them or make a new music file by cutting half of a music file? We’re pretty sure; it’s yes. Everyone thinks of this at some point in their life, because everyone has a unique taste in music. Everyone usually has many multimedia files to listen to songs, but […]

Explore numerous Menu options on Audacity

Menu options

Everyone wants to have the music of their taste nowadays. Especially those who like to mix music and play multiple songs of their beats. Many times, we have functions and performances which require editing and mixing of audio files. Audacity is the perfect option as a freeware software to do all editing work on Audio […]

Audacity made simple ways to music lovers

Import and Export Audio

Hey, all the music- lovers out there! Everyone loves music. Music is a part of our everyday lives. Do you like recording music and tracks? If yes, then we might help you. We also love recording tracks, but the question is how to do so? But now we have the answer to this. It’s Audacity. […]

Learning Audacity – Basic Guide to Tune Audio

Learning Audacity

Learning Audacity: Playing and editing Music on our own is a pretty big deal. That’s what everyone has thought, who isn’t aware of the Audacity application. Audacity is the best open-source software application for editing music. When we say editing, we mean mixing two different audio, editing pitch and waveforms, cropping and mixing, looping, merging, […]

Edit Audio on Audacity

Edit Audio on Audacity

Edit Audio on Audacity: When we make Audios, there are chances of making mistakes. Or maybe we want to add some beautiful effects. However, editing seems to be a boring task. Isn’t it? We get frustrated by our mistakes, and then the different ways of editing add fuel to it. We get irritated by the […]