All eBooks Reader - Product Guide

Make the most of All eBooks Reader with this 2-minute Quick Start Guide. Use the mouse wheel to scroll down or press Page Down to review all topics. You can also jump to a particular topic from the table of contents to the right. 

How to open an eBook file

Follow the steps below to open eBook files supported by the app:

  1. Launch the app by clicking the Windows Start button
  2. Type All eBooks Reader and click the entry that matches the name of the app
  3. Click the Open an eBook… button to launch the file selection dialog box
  4. Browse and locate the eBook file you want to read, and click Open

The app displays the content of the eBook file in the viewer window.

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Supported eBook file formats

All eBooks Reader supports 4 of the most popular eBook file formats and growing:

EPUB: short for electronic publication, EPUB is a popular format for publishers and consumers. Although it is a standard digital publication format for many digital books and publications, EPUB is not supported by Amazon Kindle reader.

MOBI: an eBook file format originated from Mobipocket, a French company acquired by Amazon in 2005, MOBI contains both book contents and DRM copyright protection to deter unauthorized access.

AZW: based on the MOBI format, AZW is a proprietary format developed by Amazon for its Kindle readers in their earlier generations. It contains formatted book content and chapter marks.

AZW3: as Amazon’s successor to AZW, AZW3 is created with the latest KF8 (Kindle Format 8) specification. It supports newer formatting capabilities based on HTML5 and CSS.

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The eBook Viewer window

The viewer window contains a rich set of features that are tucked away to make it easy for your reading experience:

All eBooks Reader - Viewer Window
Click the image to view in full size

Page Navigation: turn pages by clicking anywhere in the left/right quarter of a page as indicated by the illustration below.

Tools Menu: it contains a rich set of tools including Table of Contents, Search, Book Excerpt, Viewer Customization.

Location Indicator: With many different font choices and options for line spacing available, the Location Indicator helps keep track of your reading progress in a book in the absence of page numbers.

Return: to close the current book and go back to the main app window.

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