Zoom Meetings Product Guide

Make the most of Zoom for Windows Store with this 2-minute Quick Start Guide. Use mouse wheel to scroll down, or press [Page Down] or the [Space Bar] to review all topics. You can also jump to a particular topic from the navigation nots ( ) on the right edge of the page.

To launch the app:

  1. Clicking the Windows Start button and type “Zoom Meetings”
  2. Locate and click the entry that says “Zoom Meetings – Windows Store Version”

The main interface provides entries to two Zoom functions:

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Join a Zoom Meeting

You need a Meeting ID and a passcode in order to join a Zoom meeting. Start with entering the Meeting ID and your name, and then click Join. If the meeting id is valid, You will then be asked for the passcode.

Join Zoom Meeting

The meeting ID is a unique 9, 10, or 11-digit number. A Zoom invitation should also contain a passcode. If the meeting invitation comes in the format of an URL, for example: 


You can identify both the meeting id (a numeric-only string) and the passcode (an alpha-numeric-only string ) from carefully examining the URL.

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Start a Zoom Meeting

If you have a Zoom account, you can start an meeting and invite others to join you. 

Start a Zoom meeting

From the main window, click Start a Zoom Meeting, followed by entering your Zoom account email address and password. Note: your Zoom account password is different from a meeting passcode. If you don’t have a Zoom account yet, you can create one from the Zoom website.

The type of meetings started here is called instant meetings or Meet Now, for which you can send meeting invitation after it is started. Scroll down to learn how. 

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Invite Others to Join a Meeting

Once you’ve started a Zoom meeting, you can start inviting others to join you. 

Click the info icon at the top-left corner of the Zoom meeting Window. This pops up the detailed Zoom meeting info panel, from which you can copy the meeting ID and passcode (or password) and share them with others.

Note that the meeting passcode has two formats: numeric and alpha-numeric. The look different but are both valid. 

Optionally, you can also copy and share the entire invitation URL.

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