Fades feature in Audacity

Fades feature

Fades feature: Audacity is a platform that provides you with various services and features. It is a one-stop solution to all your recording needs. Along with this, Audacity provides a number of effects that can help you in enhancing your audios and recordings. One of the very useful effects is Fades. Fades feature is used […]

Effect Menu: Nyquist and its sub-menu

Nyquist Menu

Nyquist Menu : In the effect menu, the effects of Nyquist plug-ins are present. You can get various effects that are optional in this menu. You can also get built-in audio generators for Audacity. Various analysis tools for Audacity are available on this menu. Options in Nyquist menu Adjustable Fade This is the first effect […]

Crossfade tracks: Effect, parameters, and settings

Crossfade Tracks

Crossfade tracks: If you want to make a smooth transition from one track to another, you can use the Crossfade Tracks effect. This effect will crossfade the two tracks you have selected. And, place the track you want to fade out above the track you want to fade in. Firstly, you have to overlap these […]

Edit Audio on Audacity

Edit Audio on Audacity

Edit Audio on Audacity: When we make Audios, there are chances of making mistakes. Or maybe we want to add some beautiful effects. However, editing seems to be a boring task. Isn’t it? We get frustrated by our mistakes, and then the different ways of editing add fuel to it. We get irritated by the […]