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Audiotonic is based on the Audacity project under the GPLv2 License. All tutorials are illustrated using Audacity.

Exporting to an external program

Exporting to an external program

Exporting to an external program: Sometimes you might want to encode a file, or let another application format it. Luckily, Audacity has this option available

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Exporting Audio

Exporting Audio in Audacity

Exporting Audio: You should read this article to export an audio file from Audacity. You can export a single audio file. Two export commands are

Export Formats

Export Formats supported by Audacity

Audacity is the best audio recording and editing software, with unlimited possibilities. In this article, we will see which audio file formats we can export.

Export Options

Export options in Audacity

There are various export options available in Audacity. Each and every option is for exporting a particular type of file. Below are the various export

export menu

File menu: Export sub-menu

The file menu in the menu bar has the Export option. The main purpose of this option is to export the audio file present in