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Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: Audacity is a software that helps in the creation of audio files. There are plenty of options through which you can create an audio file. You can use import, export or any other option to ensure the creation of audio files. Such options shall help you to create audio. You can use the waveforms too to work on the audio files. You will be able to work with the background, edit the menu and use various effects to create audio.

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It is imperative to use this software efficiently and smoothly. To do this you need to follow some steps and use commands. There are many tools available to help you create audio files. Have a look at one of them.

The envelope tool

When you work with a track on Audacity, every track consists of an amplitude envelope. This is controlled by the envelope tool on the Toolbars. This means that you can control the changes in the volume of a track efficiently.

When you use the envelope tool, you will be able to control and manipulate the control points on a track. These control points will help to determine the changes in volume over a period of time. However, you cannot use this tool when you pause a track.

You can access this envelope tool in the form of diagrammatic representation, as you will be able to see an image. You can use this tool conveniently with the help of this image.

Envelope Tool

Control points

The control points form an integral part of the envelope tool.

You can manipulate the envelope tool with the help of various control points. If you want to control the volume, then you will have to work with the four handles. You need to drag the pointer up and down to control the volume.

If you drag the top or bottom handles, then you will not be able to destroy the track beyond its original volume envelope. If you drag the inner handle, then you will be able to amplify a piece of audio that is not loud.

Control Points

Learn how to work with control points

If you wish to add control points, you can do so by following a simple step.

  • To create a new control point, you can use the mouse button. You will find that the entire track will follow the new control point.
  • If you want to add another control point, you simply need to click on a different spot.
  • In addition, if you want to edit any control point, you can simply click on the control and drag it. You need to drag it as you hold the left mouse button.

One can also remove the control points. You need to click on any of the control points and simply drag it outside the track. One can also use commands to do the same.

Audacity allows you to work with the envelope tool to give an extra edge to your audio file. You can use the control points to use the envelope tool conveniently. It is going to help you to enhance the quality of your audio file.


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