Generate Menu of Audacity

Generate Menu

The generate menu is a system of Audacity that allows you to create audio containing tones, noises, or silences. You can insert the generated audio through the cursor pointers. Or, one can replace the existing audio with new audio.

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The generators of Audacity

Audacity’s built-in generators are as follows:

  • DTMF
  • Chirp
  • Tone
  • Noise
  • Silence

The generated plug-ins included in Audacity are:

  • Pluck
  • Rhythm track
  • Importing sample data
  • Risset drum, etc

Add or remove data

When you select this option from the generate menu, it will bring you to a dialog box. This box allows you to load or unload the generators from Audacity. This also lets you customize the effect, customize the general menu, and make adjust the length as you wish.

Backing up or transferring settings

This option helps you to keep a backup of the settings that you have last made. It also keeps a track of the presets you saved. This is done by using the manage button of the generator’s dialog.

How to use Audacity Generators?

  • Generating audio into a new track– in case there are no existing tracks, then you can choose the required generator. But if you already have tracks, then click the gray background outside the tracks. This will deselect them and then generate.
  • Inserting generated audio at the cursor point– you have to place the cursor on the track and then generate. The selected audio duration will automatically insert into the selected track or tracks. You insert this audio as per the cursor pointer and the total length of the selected track will get increased.
  • Replacing an existing selection with the generated audio– by selecting the region and clicking on generate, you can convert the selected region into generated audio. The total length of the audio remains the same. The length only changes if you change the length in the generator, to replace the selected audio.

Generate Menu

Duration of the audio

You can enter the required duration by typing or entering it using the keyboard arrows. But remember, if the first digit is highlighted, then you can enter the whole number. But if it is not highlighted, then you have to use the arrows for entering duration. You can even use the up and down arrows from the keyboard for entering the time that you want.

Selection of Format for Duration

One can change the selection format to another unit of duration by opening the context menu. You can open this menu by clicking on the triangle in the duration digit box, and then right-click.

Plug-in Generators

There are various plug-ins in Audacity and they are useful in different aspects. Any kind of other generators appearing under the menu are LADSPA, LV2, or Nyquist plug-ins.

Note: The Nyquist generators do not use the selected audio’s length as the generated audio’s length. It requires you to specify the length in the inputs field of the plug-in. Thus, the total length of tracks will change if the selected audio’s length is identical.


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