Effects preferences in Audacity

Effects preferences

Effects preferences in Audacity, you get a lot of options that are useful for recording, editing, enhancing, customizing, and beautifying your audio. You can use all these features to get the best experience. It will help you make you improve your audio. And, you can achieved your desired effects.

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The main use of Audacity is recording audios and tracks. You can easily and simply record your audios in Audacity. Apart from recording, you can also export, import, and save audio recordings. Along with all this, the best use of Audacity is to enhance your recordings.

Effects preferences

Using effects in Audacity

To enhance your audios and tracks, you use the effect feature of Audacity. It is a menu that has several subparts. All of these subparts have different uses and values. Users can use it to get the best audio recording and enhancing experience. One important option of effects is the effects preferences.

Here is a complete guide to the Effects Preferences in Audacity. If you want to use this feature, then have a look at this article. Also, Audacity’s manual page is always available for your help.

How to access the effects preferences menu?

To open effects preferences, users need to follow the given steps:

  • Click on the Edit option
  • Choose the Preferences option
  • Click on effects

Following these simple steps will help you to access the effects preferences dialog box.

Enable effects

The effects that are in Audacity are enable by default, including six effects. Specifically, these effects are LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, Vamp, VST and Audio Unit. You can also add individual effects on your own. However, you need to enable them manually.

If you unmark the checkbox and click OK, then Audacity will disable that particular effect. You can visit Audacity’s effects preferences manual page to get the complete information about the different types of effects.

Effect options 

There are various effects present in the option menu. These options are useful in sorting and grouping different effects in the Generate, Analyze and Effect menus. The different effects available on the menu are ‘Sorted by effect name’, ‘Sorted by publisher and effect name’, ‘Sorted by type and effect name’, ‘Grouped by Publisher’ and ‘Grouped by type’.

  • Using the ‘Sorted by effect name’ option, you can group effects on the basis of their names.
  • People use ‘Sorted by publisher and effect name’ option to group things into a list on the basis of the name of the effect.
  • Built-in effects are present above the divider and the plugins below the divider.
  • The ‘Sorted by type and effect name’ option can group effects on the basis of the names but, the plugins are sorted by name.
  • The ‘Grouped by Publisher’ categorizes effects by effect publisher and the last option, ‘Grouped by Type’ groups the effects by its type.

Also, users can enable or disable the maximum effects per group option in Audacity for further use.

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