Edit Menu: Labeled audio and its sub-menu

Labeled Audio

Labeled Audio: The ‘Labeled audio’ option is present in the edit menu. You can cut or mute audio using the labelled audio selection, and perform any type of editing to various labels. Also, you can select all the labels you want to edit, and apply the edits to all the labels that you select.

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Sub-menu of Labeled audio

You have to select the audio you want to edit in the label track. One can select labelled audios. However, there are some rules for editing audio. They are as follows:

  • If the region labels are connected but do not overlap, they are considered separate regions.
  • You can consider the overlapping region labels as a single region.

The ‘Labeled audio’ option will enable after you have selected the region of labelled audio. The selection has to include at least one region label or point label. If the selection is not correct, edits apply to all the audios in the project. You have to be careful about your selection, unless you want to apply edits to all audios. Contents of sub-menu of labelled audio are:

Labeled Audio

Cut option (Ctrl+X)

If you want to cut the audio you have selected and move it to Audacity clipboard, then select the Cut option. It removes this part of the audio. And, it joins the rest of the part together. You can cut multiple clips and tracks at the same time.

Delete option

This will delete the part of the label audio that you select. It deletes this part and joins the remaining part together. The Audacity clipboard does not contain the deleted section.

Split Cut option

This is similar to the cut option. But when you choose split cut, audio is not shifted. If you cut the audio, the remaining part of the audio will not be shifted. As, it forms a new individual clip.

Split delete option

This option works similarly to split cut. Though, it removes the audio completely. A clipboard will not save this part.

Silence audio option

The Silence audio option silences the part of the audio. The part replaces with a pause. The length of the track remains the same as before. It is useful when one wants to remove the noises in a track.

Copy option

This option just copies the selected part of the audio to the Audacity clipboard. It does not make any changes to the audio.

Split option

If you want to split the selected region, and other parts of the audio, you can choose the split option. All the parts will now become individual clips.

Join option

If you want to join the selected regions of different clips into a single clip, select the join option.

Final Words

Thus, you can make any edits to the audio, following the rules above. The edits you want to apply can be to a single track or multiple tracks. You can choose the tracks that need the same edits. This saves time for individual edits for each track. Start creating audios now! Click here to learn more.

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