Easy to Navigate in Audacity

Navigate in Audacity

Navigate in Audacity: Audacity is a popular audio editor and recorder software that is used by various operating systems. Audacity can be used to run multilingual tasks, such as mix stereo tracks, ring tones and transferring records to DVDs and computers.

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Why is an audio editor important?

VFX editing is a part of sound editing and mixing. Likewise, dialogue editing in films or movies is important and is done by a team that decides what sound needs to be there in the movie and what should be neglected. Some people use bigger software to do so. However, Audacity is an effective and powerful tool for creating and perfecting the desired audio sounds.

Scrubbing Effect

This toolbar is used to adjust the position, speed, and direction of playback. You can set the speed and adjust the tune to your choice using this tool, which is already in-built in the free to access Audacity music editor software.

Navigate in Audacity

The adjustment can be made by clicking the left or right button. You can go forwards or backwards on the music and listen to the audio at the same time. Seeking is another tool that is use to change speed. This is the easiest way to navigate the waveform in the audio frequency.


This toolbar is used to change the speed. When you select this option, you see a green play like button. Once you click this button, adjust the speed either low, moderate, or high. In Audacity, speed is directly proportional to the pitch. Meaning, if you change the speed the pitch will change also. This is a short-term adjustment that you can make during playback. If you wish to permanently set the speed and pitch of your ringtone, use the Change speed effect. Click here to learn more.

Change Speed Effect

 With this toolbar, you can fasten or reduce the speed by simply applying the effect to your recorder audio. There are 3 changes you can make with this effect i.e Tempo, Speed and Pitch.

  • Change the speed to faster or slower with just a little drag to left or right.
  • Change the pitch of your audio without changing the tempo.
  • When you change the tempo, your pitch stays constant; you can only change the speed and tempo. Make sure you get the perfect blend at the end of this editing, because the audio may buzz a little when you make changes in the tempo.

Time Track

This tool is a graphical track that shows how the amount of change in Speed, Pitch, and Tempo varies with respect to time. Make sure to export a copy of your work to WAV format, so you don’t lose your Time track. This Time Track is used in conjunction with more than one audio track to fasten or slow down the playback speed over the length of the audio track.

Use Audacity to edit any musical tracks. Since it is an open resource, you can utilize it for free, making the perfect audio track ready at the end of the entire editing session.


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