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Clip Fix

Clip Fix rebuilds the clipped lengths of the audio tracks. It is an option present in the Effects menu. When the Effects submenu opens, you will see the Clip Fix option. Clicking on The clip Fix option will display a drop-down menu. After this, it will ask for the ‘Threshold of Clipping’ value. And, the reduced amplitude. In addition, Sliders are also presenting, adjacent to these value boxes.

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Clip Fix

Available Options

Let us understand different options that appear in the Clip Fix drop-down menu:

  • ‘Threshold of Clipping’: this value has to be entered in terms of percentage. It depicts the required closeness of the amplitude of any sample audio track, to consider it as a clipped file. This editing effect will, by default, consider the clipped audio to be at the same dB for the positive, as well as the negative peaks of the audio track.

Some minute issues might occasionally occur. It might happen that either of the peaks gets reconstructed. In this case, you need to try to apply DC offset correction. This should be done before you apply Clip Fix. Initially, try to select the audios for a few seconds. This will ensure the correct speed of the processing. Click here to learn more.

  • Reduce amplitude to allow for restored peaks (dB): this enables you to adjust the amplitude of the selected length of the track. Its value has to be in dB units. The default value, as shown in the drop-down menu, is (-9) dB. Also, sliders are available to help closely and precisely set the value.


Some buttons are also available in the drop-down menu. There are a total of six buttons at the bottom of the box. Let us take a close look at all of them, and their uses.

  • Manage’ Button: Clicking on this will display a drop-down menu, which will guide you to manage the tool. This will also display some details related to the use of the tool.
  • Preview’ Button: Before you finally apply the edits to the original audio file, it would be better if you preview them once. And, this feature lets you do that. You can view the selected part of the audio file before making the selected changes. By default, the selected time for preview is 6 seconds.
  • Debug’ Button: this will apply the selected edits to the selected part of the audio. This is not the same as the ‘OK’ button. As, ‘OK’ Button will apply the edits permanently to the clip. However, the ‘Debug’ option will let the clip run with the edits in the debug mode only. Normally, the debug window is empty. But, if there is an error message, then the debug window will appear and display the error message.
  • OK’ Button: As stated above, this button will finally apply the selected edits to the audio clip. This will permanently apply the effects and close the dialog box.
  • Close’ Button: In case you see the effects of the edits in the preview, and do not like them much, you can easily discard them. This is when the ‘Close’ button comes in use. As, this will permanently discard all the edits selected and will close the dialog box.
  • Question Mark’: This will help to minimize all the question marks in your mind. If you have doubts about the usage of the tools, then click on this button. And, it will carry you to the help manual.


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