Tutorial Guide to Audacity - How to Use

Audacity is a multi-functional audio recording and editing software. It provides powerful functions to record audio, edit recordings, combine multiple sound tracks, export and share recordings, and many more. 

As enthusiasts of the application, we created this tutorial guide to help our readers get the most of the software by learning the essential features of Audacity. This tutorial guide offers a rich set of tips, tricks, and how-to guides caters to both beginners and pro users.

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How to Use the Guide

The Tutorial Guide to Audacity app covers over 60 essential topics grouped in six chapters. They are curated from a collection of over 150 how-to guides and articles, all of which are freely available for your access. 

The guide is designed to be used with its bookmarks, which serves as the Table of Contents. You can browse all the topics, pick and choose whichever topic that interests you and jump right into it. 

If you are a beginner to Audacity, we highly recommend going through the Quick Start Guide, which provides a high-level overview of all the key features to help you get the most of the software.

To get a more in-depth learning about Audacity, browse through the entire collection of guides. You can start from the most popular ones or follow the topic guides by features

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focus menu

Extra menu: Focus and sub contents

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Tracks Menu in Audacity

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Audacity Setup and Configuration

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How to Setup Audacity

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