Learn about the Effect menu in Audacity

Effect Menu

Effect Menu: Audacity is digital audio editing software that one can use to edit recordings. It is open-source, cross-platform software available at no cost on Windows and other OS. It is one of the most powerful audio editors out there. Effect menu in audacity You can use built-in effects on or use plugin effects. In […]

Guide To Use Audacity: Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool

Envelope Tool: For music lovers and creators, it is very important that they “play” with their music. Here, “playing” with the music simply means editing the music. Editing the music could be: Cropping the song Mixing different songs Editing the pitch of the song Recording the song with different tunes By creating fades with the […]

Learning Audacity – Basic Guide to Tune Audio

Learning Audacity

Learning Audacity: Playing and editing Music on our own is a pretty big deal. That’s what everyone has thought, who isn’t aware of the Audacity application. Audacity is the best open-source software application for editing music. When we say editing, we mean mixing two different audio, editing pitch and waveforms, cropping and mixing, looping, merging, […]