File menu: Export sub-menu

export menu

The file menu in the menu bar has the Export option. The main purpose of this option is to export the audio file present in Audacity. You have various formats to export this audio file. And, the multiple formats allow you to use the audio file with separate applications. Along with separate formats, you can […]

Exporting to an external program

Exporting to an external program

Exporting to an external program: Sometimes you might want to encode a file, or let another application format it. Luckily, Audacity has this option available for you. You can choose an external program to share this audio with another application. This external application may process your audio file. Or, it may encode it as you […]

Using Export Multiple in Audacity

Export Multiple

Export Multiple is a dialog box that pops up as a response to the File- Export- Export multiple commands. This particular command does the work of exporting a number of files at one time. Exporting multiple files by the label is a simpler way to export separate files for each track in one long recording. […]