Find Clipping: Introduction and application

Find Clipping

Usually, you choose View and Show Clipping to play clips. Another way to display clippings is the Find Clipping option. You can run samples of clippings already resent in the Label track. In the Analyze option, the Find clipping option is available. The minimum one clipped region has to be present. To run multiple clips […]

Get to know about the Audacity waveforms

Audacity waveform

Audacity waveforms: When you use Audacity Projects for editing your audio, you will find a default track already created. And, you will be able to find a record button. One will be able to see this waveform when one imports a stereo audio file into Audacity. These stereo tracks contain a Vertical track and Track […]

Clips – Individual Sections Within an Audio Track

Audio Track

What is a clip? An audio track is split into distinct sections to edit easier. These individual sections are called clips. Audio is a single track while clips are parts of the same audio track requiring modifications different for all clips. Need of clipping Sometimes, the recorded audio is a single track; however, some parts […]