What is a Good Internet Speed?

Measuring Internet Speed

Measure Internet Speed: There are many Good Internet Speed factors you can consider when you are shopping for internet service provider, including the price and speed. It is difficult to gauge the speed as compared to the price. There is constant confusion about what can be considered a good speed for the internet. So, you need to understand how the speed is measured. And, know what is considered slow or fast internet, and also what can be deemed ‘accurate’.

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Measuring Speed

The amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded per second with an internet connection is the internet speed. The internet speed is measured in Mbps (Megabits-per-second) and you do not need too much of this for your online requirement.

It is important to consider how many people will be using the internet at the same time when you are choosing a good internet speed. The right internet speed or a good internet speed depends on the number of people sharing the internet at one time.

Measuring Internet Speed

Broadband as ‘National Internet Speed Limit’

As per the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the minimum download speed in a broadband internet connection is 25Mbpsand 3Mbps is the minimum upload speed. This can be the base for the determination of good or bad internet speed.

Good Internet Speed

A good internet speed is above 25Mbps. This speed supports most of the activities done online, like online gaming, HD streaming, downloading music or, web browsing.

A Speed which is above the 100+Mbps range is a ‘fast’ internet speed is best suited for those looking to support many devices at one time.

Fast Internet Speed

Internet speed of 100Mbps or more is considered as ‘fast’ internet speed.  This kind of internet bandwidth can handle multiple activities online for multiple users sans any interruptions.

For achieving ‘fast’ internet speeds you can choose either internet services of fiber-optic or cable. The fiber-optic services ensure consistency of speed.

Slow Internet

An Internet speed that is less than 25Mbps cannot be considered as broadband as this is too slow. Users might find it difficult to connect more than one device, or experience buffering and other connectivity issues.

The FCC does recommend speed which is less than 25Mbps for many activities online. These are recommendations for minimum speed.

How to Detect Slow Internet?

In case you feel your internet is slow it is advisable to go for a speed test. This test gives you a fair idea about the internet speed. The best results can be obtained with a wired connection. If you find you have a slow internet you can look for other options available for ISP (Internet Service Providers).

A good internet speed which is anywhere an increase of 25 Mbps offers a totally different experience.

Before taking any speed test you need to ensure that there are no programs running on your computer. If the test results seem inconsistent or slow you can try rebooting the computer and also the Internet router and try again.


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