Understanding the Basics of Internet Connection

Basics of Internet Connection

It is important to understand the workings of the internet when you trying to find solutions to different problems. Tablets, mobiles, laptops, and, PCs can connect to the internet in different ways. This includes cellular connections, through a satellite, or even with the help of a wire buried in the ground. Once the devices are connected, you can share information and also communicate anywhere in the world in a few seconds.

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Connecting to the Internet

For connecting to the internet you can use the cellular data of your mobile phone by tethering the device to the internet, or go through the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your mobile phone turns into a mobile hotspot when you tether your cell phone to a device. There are specific plans and carriers which allow this tethering. You will be losing out on your mobile data when you use the phone as a hotspot.

For the ISP, you have a wide choice of different companies offering a wide range of internet plans. Different companies provide different connections for the internet, like the dial-up, DSL or, broadband. The computer or the Smartphone connecting to the internet depends on the type of connection you have.

You can send e-mails, browse through the different websites and, a lot more once you have the IP address. This is automatic and there is no requirement of any specific effort.

Choosing ISP

You need to be aware that not all ISP’s offer the same service for the same price. Before making a choice of any ISP, you must consider specific factors.

Check out the Speed offered

It is important to check what internet speed is being offered to you and also what the cost is. This can make a difference to the browsing. Good internet speed is smooth sailing for any business. If you’re just using it for entertainment purposes, there should also be no lagging or buffering.

Type of Connection

As mentioned, there is a wide choice in internet connection. Fiber optics is a favored choice. Because, this type of connection has uploading speeds which work out almost 5 times faster compared to the rest.


There are many ISP’s who rent out the modem and the router. This works out cost -effective and can save you some money. Buying the required equipment can be a costly affair.


Before signing any contract with your ISP, ensure you read the fine print. Most of the contracts require a customer to keep the specific service for a minimum of 2 years. You might have to pay a fee if you discontinue anywhere before the given time.

To get a clear understanding of the internet speed, you need to conduct a sped test. This app is available on Blusky and can be downloaded on Windows 10. You get the required information on the Upload speed, Download speed, Ping and Jitter. To ensure an accurate speed test, you need to exit all applications and ensure the modem/router is placed in a location without any obstacles.


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