Understanding Internet Speed Classifications

Internet Speed Classifications

The Internet is all about speed and most people are overwhelmed with terminologies like Mbps (Megabits per second), fiber, gigabit, and broadband. These terms are not easily understood by everyone. Computers that are connected to the internet transfer specific information to each other in packets. These packets are electronic and are the units of data. Talking about good internet speed means a fast internet delivering more packets in a short span of time.

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Testing Internet speed

It is important to know and understand the speed of your internet service so that you have the option of choosing an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that can provide a faster internet speed at cost-effective prices.

Upload Speed and Download Speed

Once you have completed the internet speed test the results are given in the ‘download speed’ and the ‘upload speed’. The time taken for information to travel from your internet to the connected device is the download speed. The time taken for information to travel from the connected device to the internet is the upload speed.

Most of the internet plans offer faster speeds of download as compared to the upload. Upload speeds are important for applications that are interactive.

What can be considered as ‘Slow’ Internet?

The dial-up for the internet can be considered as ‘slow’ as this can take up to a few hours when downloading. This is now, almost, obsolete and can be found in some businesses or in rural areas. The speed of this internet is 56Kbps (kilo-bits per second).

As compared to the dial-up internet the satellite offers more speed which is 500Kbps but cannot be termed as ‘fast’ internet as this can take minutes for loading a web page.

Internet Speed Classifications

What is ‘Fast’ Internet Speed?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) has a speed of 128 Kbps to almost 9Mbps (Megabits per second) and is thus considered ‘fast’ internet as compared to the dial-up and the satellite internet.

The cable internet can provide speed up to nearly 30Mbps but this is not consistent as there is a chance of the internet dropping during peak hours.

Both the above internet services, DSL and cable, are considered as broadband services as they provide the required ‘fast’ internet for different businesses and homes.

What is ‘Super-fast’ Internet Speed?

The best internet when you are looking for speed is the fiber internet as this provides a speed of 500Mbps in specific areas of the country. This fiber internet can handle more than one device at a time and you get the fastest uploads and downloads.

The best way to find out the speed of the internet is to go for the internet speed test. Blusky has a specific speed test app that can give you a clear picture of the internet speed. If you get a result which is anywhere lower than 25Mbps you know you have a slow internet speed.

Make sure you do not have any other applications open when you are conducting the speed test. This leads to inaccurate results.

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