How to test if your ISP is throttling your Internet Speed

Internet Speed

There are multiple reasons for slow internet. Before getting in touch with your ISP, it is advisable to conduct a speed test. Because, this will confirm if the speed really is slow. Below are some reasons for slow internet.

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Device is Jammed

One of the most common reasons for the internet being slow is that your router/modem is outdated, and gets jammed very easily. This happens when the router or the modem receives information which is more than their handling capacity. Resetting the router or the modem can help resolve this problem.

High Traffic levels with the Network Provider

The slowdown of the internet can also be due to excessive traffic, either in your home network or the network of your internet provider. With several people being online at the same time, there is a possibility of the network’s bandwidth being maxed out. This happens due to the data forwarded and received.

You need to call the customer service of your ISP so that they can boost the speed of the network.

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) throttling the connection

The ISP throttles the internet to slow down a specific internet connection. This throttling of the internet means slowing down the internet ‘intentionally’. This is done by the ISP’s due to multiple reasons but there are times this is also done by the users. You might want to limit the connection speed if you are on a limited data plan.

Reasons ISP’s Throttle Internet

There are specific reasons for the ISP’s throttling the internet.

  • Some ISP’s throttle the internet connection of a customer based on his internet activities. Although this is not legal, it is done to preserve the internet speed for other users.
  • An ISP might have a clause that allows them to throttle the internet of their customers, once they reach a specific limit of the data. You need to check this out before deciding on any ISP.
  • The speed of a network may also be decreased at that point where this connects to another part of a specific network. The content providers can be compelled by the ISP to pay more for access.

Does Speed Test detect Throttling?

If you are not experiencing high traffic on your network and your router and modem is fine then the reason for slow internet might be throttling.

You can conduct a speed test to find out if the connection is throttled or no. This might not give you a result that is accurate or precise but this is close to your connection. Most often, the ISP’s are aware when a user conducts a speed test and stop throttling during that time. The best option available to find out is to try a VPN. The VPN prevents the ISP from finding out when you are conducting a speed test. With this test with a VPN, you get a clear idea of whether your ISP is throttling the internet or not.


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