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These commands enable you lot lock a play region and unlock it.
Transport Menu commands let you play or stop, loop play, scrub play or record (including timed and sound activated recordings)Tracks Menu provides commands for creating and removing tracks, applying operations to selected tracks such as mixing, resampling or converting from stereo to mono, and lets you add or edit labelsGenerate Menu lets you create audio containing tones, noise or silenceAudacity includes many built-in effects and also lets you use a wide range of plug-in effectsThe Analyze Menu contains tools for finding out about the characteristics of your audio, or labeling key featureThe Tools Menu contains customisable toolsThe Extra menu provides access to additional Commands that are not available in the normal default Audacity menusThe Help Menu lets you find out more about the Audacity application and how to use it.  It also includes some diagnostic tools.These commands control playback in AudacityThese commands control recording in AudacityScrubbing is the action of moving the mouse pointer right or left so as to adjust the position, speed or direction of playback, listening to the audio at the same time - a convenient way to quickly navigate the waveform to find a particular event of interestThese commands let you move the cursor to the start or end of the selection, track or any adjacent Clip that you may haveThese commands enable you to lock a play region and unlock itRescan for audio devices connected to your computer, and update the playback and recording dropdown menus in Device ToolbarThis submenu lets you manage and set various options for transport (playing and recording) in AudacityLocks standard playback to the current position of the playback region, or to the current position of the Quick-Play region)Removes the Play Region LockThe MenusTransport-Play RegionMenu.png
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Activating this menu item locks standard playback to the current position of the playback region (or to the current position of the Quick-Play region). This locked position is indicated by a red region in the Timeline instead of the normal gray region in the Timeline. The locked region is then always used when starting playback with a play button or with Space, instead of starting from the cursor or region position in the waveform. See Play Region Lock on the Timeline page for details.

This menu item is only active when there is a playback region or Quick-Play region in the Timeline displaying in normal gray (unlocked) color.


Removes the Play Region Lock. This menu item is only active when the Lock is already active (the locked region shows in red color in the Timeline).

Play Region Lock or Unlock may be performed even when the track is playing, recording or paused.

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